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Happy Horse Happy Life Instructor/Mentor

Ten Reasons You Want Coach Kristi On Your Team

1. Kristi grew up trail riding and loving horses because of the joy and balance they brought to her life. If you need a coach to help you bring more joy into your horsemanship, Kristi has been working on that one particular skill for over 30 years.

2. Kristi’s professional career has been rocky to say the least. She was once told in an interview to review her performance that she was likely not made of the stuff necessary to be successful in this industry. If you have ever been told you are not good enough, Kristi wants to tell you that you are more than enough! Horsemanship is a teachable skill!

3. Kristi is fascinated by how the brain works and has spent countless hours studying the psychology of learning for both horses and humans. Kristi wants to provide you with a strategic approach based on knowledge, research, and years of experience.

4. Kristi walks her talk. She does not believe in teaching any behavior that she herself has not accomplished in as many different contexts as possible. She always has a string of horses to keep her challenged and learning to be better.

5. Kristi is not afraid to ask for help. If you have a question that she does not have the answer for, Kristi will go looking for the answer with and for you.


6. If you need someone to hold you accountable versus supporting your excuses, Kristi is your coach. She has a caring, but also straight forward approach to supporting you and will not let you give up on your goals.

7. Kristi is motivated by your success. Kristi will feel your struggles with you and also jump for joy for your successes.

8. Kristi is accessible. She offers free email coaching to anyone who wants to ask her a question.

9. Kristi is versatile in her teaching modalities. Kristi is available for in person teaching via 2 to 5 day clinics and camps as well as virtual coaching.

10. If you are searching for horsemanship advice then you and Kristi have something in common. You are both horse lovers. Kristi is also a horse lover lover. You, the horse lover, are a part of her dream to be happy and excellent with horses.

Happy Horse Happy Life Instructor/ Mentor

Coach Kristi Smith

I am a passionate horsemanship coach with well over 25 years experience learning, teaching and training horsemanship skills. I believe in the transformative power of the horse-human partnership and strive to help individuals find joy, growth and fulfillment in their horsemanship journey. 

I have developed a deep understanding of the dynamics between horses and their human partners. My coaching approach focusing on fostering communication, trust and respect, enabling horse lovers to unlock their fullest potential and experience the satisfaction of achieving harmony with their equine counterparts. 

I find immense satisfaction in guiding riders with all levels of experience.  Whether you dream of mastering basic ground and riding skills or are aiming for excellence, I am here to provide guidance and support. 

About the training program

Happy Horse Happy Life

Linda Parelli is considered the leading female expert on horse psychology based training and mindful riding, empowering her students to be better leaders, riders and communicators with her unique approach to teaching.

She’s developed a unique goals-oriented horse training program designed to dramatically improve your relationship with your horse, your skills as a rider and your own personal goals.

Learn about Happy Horse Happy Life.

Coach Kristi’s

I am ready to help you no matter where you live.

Clinics and Camps

I travel the world giving 1 to 5 day courses of intensive and immersive study for those who are ready to accelerate their results.

Video Coaching

Sometimes all you need is an experienced person to see just a few minutes of an interaction to be able to overcome your challenges. Email me to find out how to send me up to 10 minutes of video for voice over coaching.

Internet Internship

This is a service versus a course. You can put me on retainer for the whole year! This service includes weekly Zoom meetings, email support, unlimited video coaching and access to a small dedicated community via our exclusive Facebook group.

The Personal Progress Program (P3)

I designed my P3 course based on my experiences getting to ride with several of my mentors. Bring your horse to my place in southern Iowa and ride with me while I develop my horses too.  Bring multiple horses.

Email Support: FREE

I love to get emails from any and all horse lovers. Please reach out to me any time you feel stuck. I am happy to help.

My Podcast: FREE

I love sharing my views on horse training with fellow horse lovers. My podcast is available across all platforms.

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